Front Row Late BBC Two
   BBC Sunday Morning Live
   BBC Radio 4 Moral Maze: Moral Character
   BBC Front Row Late: Live from the Hay Festival
   BBC Politics Live - 13 May 2019
   Sky News Debate: Brexit
   RTE Prime Time: Live From Westminster
   Pienaar’s Politics: It’s a great time to be alive.
   Channel 5: International Women’s Day
   BBC Question Time 21/02/2019
   BBC Radio London: International Women’s Day
   BBC Politics Live: 25/01/2019
   Sky News: Brexit
   RTE Prime Time: Live from Westminster
   Sky Papers: Public Health England
   BBC5 Live Paper Review with Stephen Nolan
   BBC Brexit Blind Dates
   BBC Radio4 Front Row: Sally Rooney
   BBC Politics Live 12/11/2019
   BBC Ideas: Has #MeToo helped or harmed women?
   BBC Radio 4: Paper Review
   BBC Radio 4: Moral Maze ‘The Morality of Human Difference’
   BBC2 Daily Politics
   BBC R4: Any Questions
   BBC Radio4: Moral Maze
   Sky News: #100vote
   BBC Radio2: Jeremy Vine
   Victoria Derbyshire: #MeToo
   Channel 4: Fake News
   Sky News: gender-neutral terms
   Sky News: Women in Power
   Sky News: Free Speech
   Sky Sunrise: Paper Review
   Sky News: Anjem Choudary
   BBC Sunday Morning Live
   Sky News: International Women's Day
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