Unherd: The Post
   Standpoint Magazine
   Feminism and the state - The Cambridge YLJ
   Irish Times: Second Brexit vote will end all trust in British politics
    Normal People : an antidote to sexual paranoia
   Sarah Churchwell: Behold America
    The Economist : Affirmative Action
    Sunday Times:  Free Access to Childcare
    Sunday Times     : Rose of Tralee
    The Sunday Times
   Joan Bakewell
   Identity politics is ruining Shakespeare
    The Spectator:  The Shaming of Shania Twain
    spiked:  The New Suffragettes
    Sun : International Women's Day
   Slavoj Zizek
   John Banville
   Spectator: Bill Cosby
   Katie Roiphe
   IBT: Women's March
   Camille Paglia
   David Friend
   Lionel Shriver
   Lauren Bastide
   Mark Lilla
   Arlie Hochschild
   Spectator: Heist Tights
   Christina Hoff Sommers
   City Am: Labour
   Joan C Williams
   June Caldwell
   Mary Kenny
   Arlie Hochschild
   Matt Ridley
   Catherine Merridale
   Professor James L Nolan Jr
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